May 18, 2023

Montana Bans TikTok, Miami's Bitcoin Buyer's Remorse, & Uber for Teens

Montana Bans TikTok & Uber for Teens

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Episode 62: Neal and Toby give the latest update on government news with the debt ceiling crisis and Montana's bold ban on TikTok on all devices. Then, Bitcoin 2023 is here! Except...Miami isn't all that excited about it anymore. What can happen in a year, amirite? Meanwhile, Google wants to delete the account that you created but realized the name was too unprofessional, so you just left it alone for 2 years. Uber reaches out to teenagers and anti-smartphone users. Heinz makes all your sauce dreams come true with over 200 sauce combos. Maybe you can pour it over your CRISPR salad.

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