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Earlier start

Thanks guys for getting up lots earlier every day! I have such empathy for you all, but glad you sacrifice your sleep to entertain me!

THE News Pod to Listen to!

I popped in to say I love the show including the Memorial Day special! I used to read the newsletter but am a huge podcast girlie and listen to your show every day. Neal and Toby, you two are creative, easy to listen to with entertaining banter, fun nuggets of knowledge sprinkled in every episode. I can’t imagine it’s easy but you two have truly mastered the art of delivering news with personality, offering different perspectives in a light, thought provoking way. In offering a bit of friendly feedback: I feel the show is unbiased on the topics it presents. However, there are a few news worthy topics I would have liked to see covered that might have been left out for the sake of being seen as too political. I can appreciate the delicacy of the environment we live in currently and the ability for the pod to remain in a position without a hard stance or agenda. It’s hard to find a balance between the parties and a news outlet as unbiased as this one but would love to see the show present some more of the political material in the unbiased way that they do! I think this pod is certainly credible and would recommend to anyone who is looking for a fun way to keep up with todays current events! Shout out to the team (minus hair and make up—lazy bums). Keep up the great work! PS—I listen to the pod on Spotify but redownloaded the podcast app just to leave this review for a nice little bedtime read for Toby. YW.

Love the new time!!

Thank you! I know it’s tough for you but I really appreciate it.

Love the dialog

The only thing holding me back from giving you guys five stars and writing a review was not being able to listen during my morning commute. As of this morning, you have a new super fan.

A Morning Must, But Lacking Lately

Morning brew has been my go-to podcast and I’m a die hard listener. But I really miss the days of Kinsey Grant, the show seemed much more polished back then. Seem more rough cut and more of a bro show with the current hosts. Having the dual gender host dynamic was amazing!

Great Podcast. with Fun Conversations

I’m a new listener and these guys do a great job talking about current events that interest me. I never stay on for the credits, except for this podcast. I gotta know why hair and make up always be slacking!

Good sneak peak

It covers a wide variety of stories but after listening for few weeks now, I feel like more depth to stories wold be nice

Perfect morning news

New listener, but I’m all in. Great show

Awesome show, right to the point!

Love you guys keep up the good work!!!

Absolutely love this show!

Si happy to hear that the show will now be available at 7:00 am!!! Woohoo!!! Thank you guys!!!

Justice for Taco Johns

Love the show but bring back the Minnesota guy bc he would have properly defended Taco John’s supremacy!!!!

Excellent Insight

Compliments the daily blog with good insight and perspective. Don’t always get chance to read the daily blog so this podcast allows me to catch while on my Concept2 rower.

Great podcast!!

Love this podcast. It is my go to every morning to catch up on a variety of topics. It’s the perfect length n thoroughly enjoy the delivery n fun banter that goes on.

Great stuff

really approachable show that covers a wide and varied range of topics…it’s an everyday must!

Hair and Makeup

Would’ve been 6 stars but hair and makeup’s lack of commitment force Neal and Toby to shoulder the load.

Phenomenal podcast

Neal and Toby are crushing it! An extremely entertaining, informative and fun daily on what is important and interesting in the world of business. Congrats to the team for creating and delivering a must consume program!

Get some sleep Toby!

Love this show, I see it on Twitter all the time, leaving a review here was difficult to find, but keep up the good work!!

Daily reader turned listener!

I’m not much for listening to podcasts in general but these two have converted me! I was reading the morning brew newsletter every day and now I’m listening to podcast as well! I love the energy/chemistry and humor of Neal and Toby on air. It’s also a slightly different take on the same set of news vs the newsletter, they go way more in depth in certain stories, so I can still enjoy both formats without feeling like they are competing with each other.

Best commute podcast

love bringing this into my morning routine. the guys have amazing chemistry. this is a great way for me to stay up to date on headlines without getting depressed and stressed on the worst of the news. entertaining and digestible format

Toby, this is for you!

I hope your sleep schedule gets back on track. I come for the News blurbs, I stay for the Hair and Makeup updates.

Catching some ZZZ’s

Perfect listen for my morning drive! Great breakdown of current events in an interesting and attention grabbing way.

The best news source

Delivery and chemistry are amazing, and the news is so informative and concise (two things that are hard to find in traditional news outlets, at least the ones I’m exposed to) All in all, please don’t ever stop doing this podcast

Great morning podcast

I listen to this podcast on my way to work which takes me about 30 minutes and I religiously listen to this podcast. Great way to start my day and the things they talk about wouldn’t be something that I normally see…some of the topics are covered by my local news here in Hawaii but the majority of the topics I would never know about if it weren’t me listening to this podcast. Keep it up folks but could you make the podcast last 30 minutes?

Toby I want you to sleep at night…

I like the show and cool source for news. Feedback for real tho, you need to edit out your misspeaks like when you sad New York but meant Florida. I think you have the time to re-record because it doesn’t seem like you do now. Show is cool, but fix the stutters.

Grand Slam!

Neal and Toby absolutely rip (can’t say I’ve heard that phrase before, but it will probably enter my vocab shortly)! So informative, entertaining, balanced and fun! Toby’s Trends, Neal’s Numbers, the saga of hair and makeup….it’s all fantastic! Thanks and keep it up!

Breath of fresh air

I love starting my morning with Toby and Neal. They deliver the news in a fun, informative and fresh way. They have great chemistry and listening is one of my favorite parts of the day. Plus, Toby is pretty cute

A Masterpiece

Unequivocally the best way to consume news information. Their Hair & Makeup Department, however, is severely lacking.

Great podcast for my drive to work

Love listening to this podcast every morning on the way to work. It is really informative and funny in a corny way. Never thought I would be interested in listening to the hosts but I was positively surprised. I would recommend. It’s short, interesting, and informative.

Great Entertaining News Pod

This podcast is a fantastic way to get the news in an entertaing way. There is finally a way to get the latest news, that gives me what I need to know, in a fun way. Sometimes I even have to wait in the car when I get home to finish the pod. Well done Neil